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Tea, my favourite cuppa


One of my favourite things in life is a nice cup of tea. I drink a lot of tea! I like it strong with a splash of milk, builders tea but with no sugar! I usually make it by chucking a teabag in a mug but if I’m making it for more than just my hubby and I then I’ll make a pot, sometimes with teabags, sometimes with loose tea. I love tea but I’m not too fussy about the brand I buy and usually get whatever happens to be on special offer, be that PG Tips, Tetley, Sainsburys, Lidl or another brand depending on where I’m shopping at the time I’ll try any, tea-whore that I am! I won’t buy a brand of tea again however, special offer or not, if it doesn’t make a good tasting cuppa!

It’s a good job I’m not too fussy though because when offered a drink at a client’s house I will always ask for tea and it amazes me how a simple cup of tea can taste so different depending on who is making it. Most of my clients know how I like it and make a lovely cuppa however I do have one client who, no matter how many times I ask for just a splash of milk, always makes it one way…weak and milky, it’s horrible but I always drink at least half of it, it would be rude not to and I don’t want to offend her plus in the whole scheme of things I see her once a month so it’s not the end of the world and in summer I have a glass of water instead!

At home I occasionally drink Earl Grey, Rooibush or fruit tea for a change with Twinings andPukka doing a huge range of just about every tea you can think of! The supermarkets and big brands I mentioned before have all jumped on the tea bandwagon doing their own versions of different types and flavours of tea.


My most favourite of all the different teas available and the one I drink the most is green tea, I love green tea! I know a lot of people don’t like the taste of green tea but I think the mistake most people make when first trying it is to leave the teabag in too long. I did the same at first so I always say pour the water over the teabag and take the teabag out almost immediately so the taste is milder, and when you’ve got used to it leave it in slightly longer and so on until you’re used to the taste and eventually like me you’ll be leaving the teabag in while you drink it!


My favourite green tea is made by a British company called Higher Living, they have over 40 different teas (not all green) including my favourite Green Tea Chai which is flavoured with orange peel, cinnamon, cardamom and cloves giving it a lightly spiced taste. I see they have some new interesting flavours which I’m going to have to try, both green tea one flavoured with raspberry and one with coconut and as I’m obsessed with coconut at the moment (oil, milk, cream, flakes) it would be wrong of me not to give it a go! I usually get my green tea chai from Holland & Barrett who sock a small range from Higher Living but my local store no longer stocks it at all now sp whenever I see it in another branch I always grab a couple of boxes!

green-tea-benefits     tumblr_mb91bgskmX1r84xnto1_500

Tea also happens to be incredibly good for you and almost weekly we are being told it’s good for this or that, a while ago it was all about white tea being good for you and now the latest health news is that black tea is as good for you as green or white tea, so that just about covers all teas then, like us tea lovers care, lol! I have to admit the initial attraction of green tea was, for me, the whole weight-loss metabolism thing. Does it work? I have no idea and frankly I don’t really care, I drink tea because I love it the health benefits are an added bonus.

Finally a tea-cat-related picture that made me laugh. I have a lot of clients who have cats and a couple of them have mugs that state ‘Everything tastes better with cat hair in it’ and this picture made me think of them!



5 thoughts on “Tea, my favourite cuppa”

  1. I drink mostly herbal tea in the evening, although sometimes I venture into green tea (decaf) and I like it quite well 🙂 I was unaware of all the benefits, really, just heard another say it was calming. I drink black tea fairly often, sweetened and sometimes, fruited up. Tea is wonderful. I love tea 🙂
    I’ve wondered about brewing green tea for cold drinking in the summer, and yet, I still haven’t tried it.
    I’ve never seen Higher Learning tea. I’m a fan of Celestial Seasonings and Bigelow.
    In the 90’s, I had an earnest tea phase wherein I had the metal ball and the loose leaves and all that. Quite fussy, more of a hobby. I only do that now if I get loose tea as a gift.

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    1. Thanks for your comment Joey! I do drink green tea cold, sometimes unintentionally lol, and I really like it though I never get round to actually making it with ice and fruit!
      I have one of those metal ball things but prefer to use a pot if making tea with loosed leaves 🙂

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  2. Tea-lover here too! It has to be Typhoo for me – I can’t get enough of it. Two sugars, strong (leave the teabag in for about 5 minutes!) and a teeny splash of milk. Very fussy when it comes to my cup of tea and it’s so true what you say about tea being different depending on who makes it. My boyfriend, for example, puts the milk in before taking the teabag out, which I protest to often! :/

    Keep meaning to venture out of my tea comfort-zone and try green teas/fruit teas. I love Earl Gray but you can’t beat just a standard mug of tea 🙂

    Lovely blog, by the way ❤

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  3. This made me think of my Scottish grandmother. All she drank was black tea. Black as in the color of the leaves and the color of the drink. Having grown up with her, I didn’t even think about it. The first time she made tea for my husband, she poured the first cup and it was fine. By the time of the second cup, the teabags had been in the teapot for at least half and hour. He’s a fan of strong coffee, but the strong tea almost did him in. 🙂


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