Why we will never go back to Eastern Europe

The experience of an old school friend’s daughter, very sad in this day and age…

Georgiana Lily

I will keep this short and sweet. Budapest is racist and we will never go back to Eastern Europe.

So, as you can see from the title… We went to Budapest. Where everyone is white. But little did we know the ignorance that still resigns.

Nine out of 10 people would stare us down on the street, not just glance or look briefly. Stare to make us feel uncomfortable, stop their conversations to scowl and follow us with their heads down the street. Everyone in the car would rather look and snarl at us, than look at where they’re driving on the road.

One woman turned around “Erughed” at us, looked utterly disgusted and jumped out of our way.

Two men (who actually worked at the bar/kitchen we ate at on Margaret Island) took their sun glasses off, to glare at us. When we were making our way out of…

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