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Today I sold my car and became an old lady!!!

So I have been wanting to change my car for about 3 years, I’d had my Toyota MR2 for 7 years and while I loved it it was totally impractical being a two seat convertible with no boot at all!!! It had served me well having 135,000 miles on the clock, a little over 40,000 of which I had done over the 7 years, but when it only just passed its MOT last December and I was told it wouldn’t pass the next one without quite a lot of work (it’s burning oil like a bitch!!!) I knew it was time to let it go. WP_20150512_11_53_30_Pro The road tax was due to run out at the end of this month and so a couple of months ago I started looking for a new car, I pass a used car lot regularly on my way to work and one day spotted a car I liked the look of that I thought I could afford, so I went to look at it and put down a deposit but unfortunately they didn’t want the MR2 in part-exchange so I borrowed what I thought I would get by selling it from my lovely mum and bought my lovely little Kia Picanto. WP_20150510_17_08_57_Pro I put the MR2 on eBay and after the original winning bidder deciding he didn’t want it, today I sold it and it’s gone! Even though I’ve been driving the Picanto for a couple of weeks now and the MR2 has just been sitting outside, I was sad to see it go and it will be weird not seeing it out there. The reactions to the Picanto have been mixed, my youngest daughter who lives at home and needs occasional lifts thinks it cute as do most women who in general love it! Hubby thinks it practical as do most of the men (mostly my client’s husbands) and my youndest son’s only comment was that I’m officially old now I’ve got an old lady car! Cheeky sod, although a tiny bit of me agrees with him and should I win the lottery the first thing I’ll buy myself is a brand spanking new Jaguar F-type convertible, even if I am a very old lady should it ever happen!!! Well a girl (even an old one) can dream can’t she?! jaguar_f-type_2012_convertible_front_quarter_main